Why the P/P-dot diagram supports the NS-Capture Theory

Rich Levinson

May 1, 2020

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If we look at the P/P-dot diagram, we see that pulsars in the remnants of supernova explosions are indicated by a star. All the stars are isolated pulsars that are on the upper left perimeter of the main island of radio pulsars. This has been interpreted to mean that as time goes by after the supernova explosion creates the pulsar, that the pulsar emits radio waves and slows down, which accounts for the large island on radio pulsars where the supernova remnants have dissipated. i.e. the upper left perimeter segment is where new radio pulsars are born amidst supernova remnants and as time goes by the remnants dissipate and the pulsar drifts down and to the right and becomes part of the larger island.

Now, if the same mechanism is used to create the pulsar in an x-ray binary, such as Cen X-3 (4.8 sec period), Her X-1 (1.24 sec period), or any of the BeXB’s (Be x-ray binaries w eccentric orbits and spin period of 10 – 1000 seconds or more), then the initial pulsar in the binary after one member exploded in a supernova and created a fast pulsar in the binary would be observed as a fast slowing down pulsar in a binary system, and should be seen as a binary in the island of the P/P-dot diagram.

No binary pulsars are found there, and so this is strong evidence that the pulsars in x-ray binaries were created in some other manner than initially being a fast pulsar in binary system.

With the NS-Capture theory, the binary is created by a binding collision between a non-spinning neutron star (non-pulsating) and an ordinary star, which produces the exact pre-conditions for the BeXB’s.

NS-Capture theory says that there are many neutron stars in the galaxy for each normal star, which is necessary for the number of binding collisions to occur to produce the existing pulsar populations.

The above is fundamentally the empirical proof of the NS-Capture theory, which is complemented by the theoretical logical proof.

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