According to a new interpretation of the spin data on pulsars that has been collected during the last 50+ years, it is shown on this website that there is a completely new  explanation of what causes supernova explosions. It is found that there must exist a huge population of neutron stars in the Milky Way and all other galaxies that explain both supernova explosions and the existence of a large supply of dark matter that may be able to be used to address other unsolved astronomical issues.

It turns out that instead of a pulsar being created as the result of a supernova  explosion, that exactly the opposite is true: i.e. that it is the pulsar that is spun up as part  of a binary star system that causes its companion to explode in a supernova.

In addition, the result of this discovery is that dark matter has been discovered  to consist of hundreds of billions of neutron stars that are traveling through the  Milky Way galaxy along with normal stars and occasionally colliding with a normal  star and becoming bound in a binary which is the pre-cursor to a supernova explosion.

This web site,, explains all this in detail that is intended to be straight-forward to understand by people who have some interest in pulsars and supernovae and have knowledge of a bit of physics and astronomy, at the level one might have to read astronomy magazines or other consumer-level scientific literature.

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