The Proofs:

This section contains a variety of aspects on the overall proof that NS-Creation must be false and therefore NS-Capture must be true.

There are basically 2 theories:

  1. NS-Creation: the conventional theory that a pulsar is created during a supernova explosion as the result of the corresponding implosion.
    This is the theory we claim is disproved by the findings described on this site.
  2. NS-Capture: the new theory that all binary systems containing a compact neutron star pulsar were created by:
    a pre-existing neutron star that had a collision with a normal star resulting in a binding in which the normal star became the binary companion of the neutron star.
    This is the theory we claim is proved as a result of dis-proving the NS-Creation theory.

The main complete NS-Capture proof + NS-Creation dis-proof is contained in section: Diagrammatic Proof of the NS-Capture theory. Other sections in this group may be regarded as introductory analysis leading to the final proof.