The Proofs:

This chapter contains a variety of aspects on the overall proof that NS-Creation must be false and therefore NS-Capture must be true.

There are basically 2 theories:

  1. NS-Creation: the conventional theory that a pulsar is created during a supernova explosion as the result of the corresponding implosion.
    This is the theory we claim is disproved by the findings described on this site, at least as far as the neutron star x-ray pulsars in binary systems are concerned, which then extends to all pulsars as we examine the ultimate fate of the binary x-ray pulsar systems.
  2. NS-Capture: the new theory that all binary systems containing a compact neutron star pulsar were created by:
    a pre-existing neutron star that had a collision with a normal star resulting in a binding in which the normal star became the binary companion of the neutron star.
    This is the theory we claim is proved as a result of dis-proving the NS-Creation theory.

The main complete NS-Capture proof + NS-Creation dis-proof is contained in section: Diagrammatic Proof of the NS-Capture theory. Other sections in this group may be regarded as introductory analysis leading to the final proof.

This chapter contains the following sections:

  • Deductive Reasoning.
    (Deductive reasoning may be thought of as process of removing things that can be proved to be untrue, with the end result that is left being, of necessity, the truth)
  • Analogies.
    (This section contains analogies that can be related to the NS-Creation vs NS-Capture debate. See also blog post on You Can’t Go Down the Up Escalator.)
  • Properties of the NS-Capture Theory.
    (This section describes considerations of what the ultimate fate of the existing Binary X-ray Pulsar Systems must be.)
  • Proof of the NS-Capture Theory.
    (A verbal proof of the NS-Capture Theory – the main basic points that form the framework that supports the theory.)
  • Logical Proof of the NS-Capture Theory.
    (Definition of a set of logical terms and a logical analysis of those terms that is asserted to prove the NS-Capture Theory.)
  • Empirical Proof of the NS-Capture Theory.
    (Simply by looking at the populations of the pulsars, we find the absence of necessary systems that would support NS-Creation, which therefore leads to claiming NS-Creation to be false, which then implies that NS-Capture must be true.)
  • Empirical Proof by Population Analysis.
    (NS-Creation implicitly requires a population of binary radio pulsars that do not exist.)
  • Analytical Proof of NS-Capture Theory.
    (Preliminary notes that set the foundation for the analytical proof.)
  • Pre-diagrammatic Proof of the NS-Capture Theory.
    (Preliminary notes leading to the full diagrammatic proof, which is presented in the next section.)
  • Diagrammatic Proof of the NS-Capture Theory.
    (This page is the main framework for proving the NS-Capture Theory. The diagrams show both NS-Capture and NS-Creation and the contradictions that NS-Creation encounters that NS-Capture resolves.)
  • How to Disprove the NS-Capture Theory.
    (This page shows how NS-Capture Theory can be disproved. A future blog post and page will discuss PSR B1259 -63, which may be a candidate to dis-prove the theory or may turn out to be the exception that proves the rule, as it may be a Be star that has blown off a shell that left a fast spinning pulsar that had been in a circular orbit, in a highly eccentric orbit (tbd).)