Predictions of NS-Capture Theory

This chapter discusses what predictions we can make based on the NS-Capture Theory.

The topics in this chapter will assume that the NS-Capture Theory is true, based on the evidence and proof of the earlier chapters. In particular, the assumption is made that there are on the order of a trillion (10**12) or more neutron stars distributed evenly throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. Based on that premise, what then should we be looking for to find them.

Discussion of some predictions suggested by NS-Capture Theory:

The following list is additional predictions that were made by NS-Capture Theory when it was originally conceived in 1974. The basic prediction of NS-Capture Theory is that there are about 10 times as many neutron stars in the Milky Way Galaxy as there are regular stars. Aside from the evolution of x-ray binary systems and supernova explosions, what implications do the predicted existence of all these NS’s have on the structure of the galaxy as a whole. It has been interesting to follow the news in the last 40-50 years about things such as super-massive black holes, dark matter, galactic rotation models, etc. while expecting things of this nature to be found based on NS-Capture alone. Following are some of the things that came as no surprise to me, but provided confirmation that NS-Capture Theory was on the right track: