What is the model of galactic evolution predicted by NS-Capture Theory?

The implications of the NS-Capture Theory open up a wide variety of speculation as to the nature of the large scale behavior of galaxies, and this page describes what I think is a plausible overview of galactic evolution.

Based on the prediction of a supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy and the prediction of a constant galactic rotation curve resulting from a lawn sprinkler model for spiral galaxies, one can come up with the following complete model for galactic evolution.

  1. A galaxy starts as a supermassive black hole (SMBH).
  2. The SMBH starts spewing matter (gas, stars, neutron stars etc.) out along its 2 poles, which forms an observable “bar”.
  3. The bar rotates as the matter is traveling in it just like a lawn sprinkler does when the water travels along the sprinkler’s arms.
  4. Because of the great gravity that exists within the bar due to the SMBH, space is compressed within the bar, and time elapsed in the frame of reference within the bar is much longer than would appear to an observer outside the bar. As a result, by the time the matter reaches the end of the bar, billions of years may have already elapsed within the time frame of that matter, and what emerges from the bar are fully formed and evolved stars along with gas and neutron stars.
  5. When the stars, etc. emerge from the bar they have a velocity tangent to the circle swept out by the ends of the rotating bar plus a radial velocity from traveling along the bar. The result is that as the stars leave the ends of the bar, due to the sweeping motion of the rotating bar, the stars form a spiral pattern.
  6. As time goes by the bar shortens and shrinks until it is just left in the center surrounded by a bulge of material plus the spiral arms that it has emitted.
  7. Finally, no new material emerges from the bar, and the remaining stars age and the galaxy becomes an elliptical spheroid as the spiral forms disperse.

That is basically the high level vision one might derive from the implications of the existence of the 10x number of NS’s vs regular stars that NS-Capture predicts.

Again, this model is speculation, and is provided as one possible extension of the implications that the core NS-Capture theory claims is the inevitable logical conclusion one must reach from the analysis of the spin rates of binary and isolated pulsars as summarized in the diagrammatic proof.