The Theories:

This chapter contains the theories that are applied to explain the data that was described in the previous chapter.

There are basically 2 major theories discussed on this web site. Within those two main theories are a few “sub-theories” that purport to explain aspects of the overall context of analysis.

The two main theories under consideration are:

  1. NS-Capture Theory: This is the main theory proposed by the Secret of the Pulsars website. It is a “derived theory” in the sense that it emerges as a result of disproving the commonly accepted theory, that is referred to on this site as the NS-Creation theory. By showing that NS-Creation fails to explain the pulsar data, NS-Capture emerges as the only possible alternative to explain the pulsar data.
  2. NS-Creation Theory:  This is the theory that was proposed in 1968 to explain the Crab pulsar, as well as all other puslars, and basically says that when a giant star reaches the end of its evolution that it simultaneously explodes in a SuperNova explosion and implodes to produce a 1.4 solar mass neutron star that is a rapidly rotating pulsar.

With this context in mind, this chapter on “The Theories” contains the following sections:

  • Theory Overview.
    (A brief discussion of both the NS-Capture and NS-Creation theories and their relationship.)
  • NS-Capture Basic Theory.
    (A very simple overview of NS-Capture to try to explain the fundamental simplicity of the capture process assuming a neutron star is passing by and captured by an ordinary regular star.)
  • NS-Capture Theory Explained.
    (Again, a very simple explanation of the physics of how a neutron star capture process takes place.)
  • NS-Capture Theory (Index).
    (A few links, similar to the links on this list)
  • Terminology Used to Describe the NS-Capture Theory.
    (This page presents the terminology used do describe the various entities and states that are used for a more formal description of the NS-Capture and NS-Creation theories.)
  • NS-Capture vs NS-Creation.
    (A high level description of the properties of pulsars as they relate to what these two theories need to explain.)
  • Population Problems with NS-Creation.
    (An overview of some of the obstacles that NS-Creation encounters when trying to explain a variety of pulsar properties.)
  • The Critical Theoretical Choice.
    (The NS-Capture and NS-Creation theories are complementary: i.e. only one of them can generally be true in terms of explaining all the pulsars. This section explores some aspects of the choice that must be made between them.)